31 May 2013

Typosphere III (Poster 2)

Typosphere III featuring Imperial De Luxe 5
Seems like this is a bit of a thing for me now. It's a lot of fun and good practice.

29 May 2013

Typosphere III (Poster 1)

Typosphere III featuring Hermes 2000

The third year of Philosophothought and the typosphere proper deserves a poster, I should say.
My design, hereby released to everybody for free to use and abuse, etc.

Army Green Death Machine Hermes

1952 Hermes 2000 2017811

I forgot to mention, the rubber feet are completely shot. Anybody know where I might be able to find replacements? I think it would be worth it for this otherwise perfect machine. Another thing is how the key travel is very short compared to other typewriters, which gives it a really unique feel. The more I use it the more I get the feel of it, it just takes some getting used to.

Update: The keytops fit my fingertips better than most typewriters. The touch is also really growing on me. I enjoy using my 2000 for more than just horrible business letters. :O

Word-bullets shot out from my new Hermes 2000

27 May 2013

Characters: Herpy Gramel

Soooooo many popular culture references.

Written on my Smith-Corona Electric 5TE

War Correspondent Skyriter

1960 Smith-Corona Skyriter 3Y 275501

*Hence, I named it "War Correspondent Skyriter"

Interesting how it includes both the old and new logos.

*Hence, I named it "War Correspondent Skyriter"

I realised a day after I got it that it was missing the back Skyriter name panel by the bunny ears. If anybody has one they could spare that is in the beige colour, let me know! Also, I have found a new method to take better photos. I've set up a mini-studio with a grey blanket that helps my camera take better photos, somehow. They look pretty sharp against the darker background.

Typed adamantly with our new Smith-Corona Skyriter

23 May 2013

Characters: Pippity Crumble

Inquisitively typed with the assistance of a new typewriter yet to be mentioned here

Also, I caved in to having blog-formatted paper, as I'm going to be doing typecasts on half-sheets of paper. I have a gigantic old Ingento paper cutter that's perfect for the application, and my normal 120ppi scans fit perfectly at full-res on my blog. ^^ No more clicking on images to read on a separate page!

20 May 2013

From a time before the Sears Tower's watchful eye towered over Lake Michigan

1957 Tower President (Smith-Corona) 5TT575856X

I've always been amused at how the "Sears Tower" predated the Sears Tower by over 20 years.

Typed on my new 1957 Tower President on some very tea-stained paper.

19 May 2013

The Pacific Ocean Times

sea star @ beach 4

sea anemone @ beach 4

sea anemone @ beach 4

beach 4

beach 4
Some tide-pools were absolutely swarming with life, much more than these photos indicate. Some sea stars were also orange. The sun came out at the end of the day as well!

Typed with reminiscent happiness on my Olympia SM8

17 May 2013

Two painting projects / First eBay typewriter

The rinsing out actually didn't do much good at all. It's still rather dirty. I definitely don't need to oil it though! I'm guessing that if a true cleaning takes place, the oil will be gone too. Either way, it's not filled with eraser crumbs any more. I did do a thorough soap washing of the exterior panels, especially the ribbon cover to be painted this week.

Written with speed on my Speedwriter.

15 May 2013

An Amalgamation / Buying Tactics / Ribbons (3x)

Typed in a green way
on my Torpedo 18a

Reading over this again, I realise how awful my grammar is. In the second paragraph, the sentences are too monotonous. In the third, I totally change ideas in the middle of a sentence. I'm going to work on preserving continuity.