31 Mar 2011

Eh, it's only a script Torpedo!

That's what my sister said when I let her type on my new Torpedo 18!

Here's a photo-collage of this beauty. Beautiful to look at, type on, and read.

My information was wrong. This is a Torpedo 18, and it dates to 1961!
Typed on my Torpedo 18
On my floor and at my desk.

29 Mar 2011

Ladybug ethics, Rediscoveries, About what heaven is

Yes, my posts are frequent. I try to keep them down to every other day at most, but sometimes I just feel the urge to do another typecast. Someday I'll be down to one post per week and I'll wish maybe I was more dedicated to doing it!

Typed on my SCM Smith-Corona Super Sterling
at my desk.