31 Aug 2016

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28 Aug 2016

Submit your typewriter stamp ideas

It's that time again—I'm going to do another typewriter stamp order, despite my previous statements that the fourth time would be my last. I apparently don't learn!

Learn more about these rubber stamps.

Orders aren't opening up just yet. First, I extend the invitation for you browse through the stamp catalog and see if there's anything you want that isn't available. If you have a suitable image for a stamp, I'd be glad to add that to the list of choices.

What makes a good candidate to be made into a stamp? Most importantly: bold, clear lines. Preferably black and white (not greyscale) and 600 dpi. Stamps range between 2 cm (3/4 inch) and 5 cm (2 inches) per side. This would mean an image for a 1 inch square stamp should be a minimum of 600 pixels on each side. Unfortunately while there are many great candidates for stamps in print advertising found online, it is not usually high enough resolution to make for a good stamp. Still, it doesn't have to be quite up to the ideal standard to make a pretty good stamp. So scans supplied by you tend to be better candidates. This Erika is a perfect example of what makes for a good stamp:

Sometimes photographs of decals work, but they have to be taken with even lighting and have strong contrast (like a gold decal on a black typewriter). I'll attempt to convert photos into stamps, but no promises there. Here are some examples showing how photos turn out in stamp form:

Photo by Georg Someregger

You have a week or two to gather and send me your images to be made into stamps. Email anything you find to me at the email address found on my contact page and I'll let you know if it's useable. All submissions will be added to the catalog before I open up the ordering process in September.