30 Jul 2014

Soemtron and the final KsT

1962 Soemtron KsT 631011

hd video—best viewed full screen

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Soemtron was later incorporated into Robotron, but managed to survive for a while as a company in the 1990s after the fall of the DDR. Below is another Soemtron typewriter, a massive desktop model that is about as brutalist as you can get. But notice, the same color scheme (well, imagine it's cleaned up) as my Soemtron KsT! It is believed that this was the only color scheme used on Soemtron typewriters.

29 Jul 2014


I really do need to write more often, you can see how sloppy I got by the end, my hand was already thoroughly worn out.

Here's a preview of my latest typewriter which is special enough to jump ahead in the the queue to be featured. (look for that post tomorrow or the day after) The green ribbon spool just happened to come along with it.

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27 Jul 2014

Kolik jazyků znáš, tolikrát jsi člověkem.

1929 Underwood Standard Portable 4B222405

*and also so-called dead keys

On inspection, the keyboard appears to have been modified after production (and quite thoroughly too because 6 typeslugs and keypapers had to be changed from the standard layout). This probably explains the oddities of the special characters not always matching up!

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