30 Oct 2014

Eugene Onegin takes flight

packed up and ready to go—bundled up inside the box of course, since it's almost winter

his travels so far—where to next?

my addition to his log

I added a bunch of international stamps I've collected, mostly former USSR, to his little envelope

29 Oct 2014

Remington in 24 hours

1948 Remington Model 5 De Luxe BT1616262

*I meant to say after I bought it, since it was listed buy-it-now.
There was a time of about 25 hours between finding this and getting it delivered.

I love the tiny "De Luxe" decal

Age and experience doesn't necessarily make a better typewriter. I think the folding Portable 2 is actually more pleasant to use. I haven't yet used a Portable 3 to compare it with that.

I got the two out to compare, and there is definitely more going on than just a higher typebar housing. The angle of the type is higher, which explains the higher body. Kinda obvious!

Sent from my new Remington Model 5 De Luxe

Typewriter silhouette quiz results

Here are the answers you've been waiting for. Alternates and clarifications in parenthesis.

1 - Imperial Good Companion 1 (Model T)

2 - Rheinmetall KsT (Supermetall, Soemtron)

3 - Underwood Standard Portable (4-bank)

4 - Olympia SM7

5 - Voss (1950-1952)

6 - Remington Streamliner (Model 5)

7 - Olivetti Valentine

8 - Erika 10 (12)

9 - Royal Model P

10 - Triumph Perfekt (3rd generation, Norm)

11 - Groma Modell N (T, E)

12 - Smith-Corona Silent-Super (Super 5)

13 - Imperial Good Companion 5

14 - Hermes 3000

15 - Voss De Luxe

16 - Remington Portable 1 (Portable 2)

17 - Corona Sterling (flattop)

18 - Torpedo 18 (2nd generation)

19 - Olivetti Studio 44

20 - Underwood Universal (Champion)

21 - Continental Klein-Conti

22 - Olympia SM3 (SM4)

23 Royal Quiet De Luxe (1948-1949)

24 - Everest K2

Only two people participated! As they say, if you snooze you loose. Scott Kernaghan got 7 completely right and 2 partially right, for a score of 8. Richard Polt got 15 right and 1 partly right, for a score of 15.5. It's interesting how some of the typewriters Scott identified, Richard didn't, and vice versa.

This is my 400th blog post. This means 100 posts on my new blog address!

28 Oct 2014

Brothers Grimm

1957 Olympia SM3 1052558

Apparently I had my numbers mixed up… the younger brother is actually the older one, by 2 years. I have no idea how I got that wrong. Perhaps I was looking for connections that didn't exist.

If you have a place in your heart for Wilhelm, send me an email! (schreibstang at gmail dot com) I'm not expecting a really valuable machine in trade, I'm open to really any good condition manual portable typewriter that I don't already have but want.

Sent from my new Olympia SM3, Jacob Grimm