1. I just acquired a Smith Corona Seventy.
    I replaced the ribbon thinking that was problem, but I believe the "ribbon vibrator" isn't working.
    Or, at least, it isn't rising up to meet the ribbon.
    Anyone have a fix for this?

  2. Hi.
    You stated in your section on the later model Erikas...
    "There exist the following models that I have not seen any examples or information about, but exist in the serial number listing: 158, 128. (If you have any information, please let me know)"

    Well, I have recently purchased an Erika 158, with serial number 6902193, making it manufactured in 1982. I bought it from the original owner, who purchased it in Christchurch, New Zealand, used in university a few years, and has kept it in its case in a cool dry closet since then. It is in like-new condition and is working beautifully. A new ribbon, a touch of oil here and there, and a few days of hard exercise, and it's humming along effortlessly. Please let me know how to send you photographs, and I'll be glad to do so. If a photo of the manual cover or anything else to do with the manual would be helpful, let me know that also.

    The 158 had to have been the top of the line model, as it has everything one would have in a full size office typewriter - full # keys 1-0, full tabulator, four position ribbon colour setting, touch control, half-space space bar, a repeating space bar, settings for single/1.5/double space carriage return and a free-wheeling platen roller when the platen knobs are pushed to the right. It is a very nice typewriter.

    Thanks for your work on making all this information public!

    Jim Simmons

    1. Thanks for the information! If you want to send any images, just email them to the address on this page.