30 May 2011

SCM registration punch cards

I'm figuring this is late 1960s. It came with my SCM Classic 12 which was built before the switch to a long tabulator bar on the 12" carriage models.

This is from the early to mid-1970s, off of my SCM Smith-Corona Galaxie XII.

My first non-typecast blog post except for my very first one that is now deleted. A few more scans from these two SCMs are coming up in the future. :)

22 May 2011

Noiseless arrivals, Rotations, & Summertimes

Typo: puck is supposed to be pick. -- I could just name my typecasts after
the dates they were typed on but I actually put effort into naming them, haha.
To you who sent me this big envelope: Tell me if you recognise it!

Typed on my SCM Smith-Corona Galaxie XII

19 May 2011


Read between the lines:
Sometimes it's not easy knowing people
would hate you for who you are if you only told them.

And to those of you who wouldn't mind either way, I love you.

I'm not trying to be dramatic and melancholic. I'm just providing
you all with a reason for my possible absence for some number of days.

Typed on my Royal Arrow.

14 May 2011

'Every human being needs faith,' they told me.

Typed on my Sears Medalist Power 12
on the floor of my room, looking back
at this I see a lot of confusion, as most
of my good thoughts are. I have good
intentions though. :) Excuse my con-
fused state of mind.