27 Sept 2013

Triumph Norm

1936 Triumph Norm 170022

(Alas, I had no clever title this time.)

A separate but somewhat related piece of information is that one can restore a bit of the shine back to Bakelite like this by wiping some light oil on the surface (from Richard Polt) and I also found out independently when cleaning up my Triumph De Jur Perfekt that a little light oil will help restore the richness of the colour of the brown keys on those models (they have a tendency to fade).

Typed on my new Triumph Norm

26 Sept 2013

26 IX 2013 / Dip Pencast

The record book is from the 1950s, the pen holder is probably from the 1940s, the nib was bought new in the mid-2000s, and the ink (made right in Seattle and costs the same as the Higgins India ink I dislike) is from the 2010s.

After a bit of research it looks like this probably isn't the best nib for ordinary writing.

Pencast from my Hunt Globe 513 in Hanover 70 with Daniel Smith Walnut Ink

23 Sept 2013

The Ocean Is a Very Rough Place

Sent from my Brother Activator 899. Words flow from it.
(Also, did Google finally allow you to be notified when your comment is replied to?! I gave up hoping...)

21 Sept 2013

Tacoma Micro-Type-Out

Equipped with coffee and tea from Tully's, longtime friend and typewriter pen pal Andrew and I walked to Fireman's Park in downtown Tacoma for a sudden micro-type-out. We caught up on some correspondence, enjoying the perfect weather--while it lasted.

Fireman's Park is by the waterside overlooking the Port, under the shadow of old city hall.

Mt Tahoma (Ranier) is framed perfectly by the Port of Tacoma bridge in this (mediocre) photograph.

My type-in-companion was my green Lettera 22. His device of choice was a Smith-Corona Skyriter. He typed a letter, whereas I didn't really write any correspondence. I rambled on about birds, typewriters, and the weather. This was my first time typing in public for any reasonable length of time. A dozen or so people walked by without so much as a second glance. You can be weird here and still not be noticed. XD

The clouds started to roll in during our time there and within a few hours it was raining, hard (for Tacoma at least). One lightning strike even graced the occasion. Of course we happened to be caught in the rain with Ned (typewriter dog) taking pizza back to the apartment! It was fun.

Black and white photographs don't have the use of colour to distract the eye from compositional error. You can see that some of my photos are hits, whilst others are glaring misses.

17 Sept 2013

Angles and Epoca

1971 Hermes 3000 7161835

Look at those strange, sharp shoulders. Who would have guessed such a rounded, innocent typeface could be contained within? I think Epoca was the first typewriter typeface I fell in love with, back in 2011 while reading Adwoa's blog. It took this long to pursue that love. Good thing I waited. ^^

Not typed by George W Bush on my new Hermes 3000