19 Jul 2011

Letter to Newton

Waaaay to big to scan in, this letter from Thaddeus.
Typed on my Facit TP2 a while ago but I thought it might be fun for you all.

17 Jul 2011

No way, it's a Facit TP2

Typed on my new Facit TP2
On old Sure-Rite filing wrappers. Icut them up to different sizes, make nice, if rough, typing paper.

12 Jul 2011

A real Olympia & A typewriter makeover

Typed on my new Olympia SG3.
Sorry for the messy room. Yes that's a cigar box.
The Paymaster I forgot to mention in the typecast much; it still works with ink in the ribbon and everything. Fun to make pretend checks...

7 Jul 2011

6 Jul 2011

The Cursive Olivetti Croquet Coyote

Typed on my new Olivetti Studio 46
The camera is a Kodak Z8612 IS
And it does very well with low light, to my great delight.

5 Jul 2011

Independence Day, More from Sears & Roebuck

Typed on my new Sears Electric 12
Apologies for the bad photo of it, I used a different camera than usual.
Forgot to upload this yesterday, it was so busy!