12 Jul 2011

A real Olympia & A typewriter makeover

Typed on my new Olympia SG3.
Sorry for the messy room. Yes that's a cigar box.
The Paymaster I forgot to mention in the typecast much; it still works with ink in the ribbon and everything. Fun to make pretend checks...


  1. These really were steals. Good going!

  2. ahh, I see you fell for the PayMaster check writer! I almost did myself, as they are somewhat typewriter-like and mechanically fun. The one I saw used an inking pad rather than a ribbon, and had setting to emboss the word "BONDED" above the check amount with a selector lever.

  3. Degree symbol - that almost trumps a pilcrow. But the 1/? That's hard to beat, especially in the US where I THINK the metric system is a long time catching on? Don't you amaze yourself when you realise how long you can spend just 'tinkering'? I do.

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  5. My room is much more messy. :P
    Your typewriter lacks the paper holder. xD
    I also have the same machine, but with a square type style. xD
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