27 Dec 2014

Comparing 3 large typefaces

Sent from my Erika 5 (pica), Smith-Corona Classic 12 (Speech-Riter),
Erika M (Medium Roman), and mystery machine (Bulletin).

23 Dec 2014

Final calendar pre-orders / Case adjustment

Underwood case adjustment wrench and three hooks

Spanner screwdriver

Brad's Erika 9

Erika case adjustment screw

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16 Dec 2014

Big Brothers

1965 Montgomery-Ward Signature 510 E5746834

1978 Kmart 300 Deluxe 12 C6989659

Sent from my new Montgomery-Ward Signature 510 and Kmart 300 Deluxe 12

14 Dec 2014

2015 typewriter calendar (pre-order)

After comparing options, I decided to go with Lulu for the typewriter calendar. Although I would have preferred to design the calendar pages from scratch, as this did not allow for captions, that would have taken more time than I have and the end result would have been more expensive.

The calendar is 8.5" x 11" with full-color 100# pages and coil binding. A sample month is below.

Here's a collage of all the typewriters in the calendar. Again, due to the time constraints, I decided to go with a simple photoshoot using the same background I use for most of my photos. A little more variety in background would have taken more planning than I have time for. (perhaps next year!)

The total cost of the calendar is $20, including shipping to the United States. (International shipping will vary and I'll adjust the cost accordingly)

If you would like a calendar with the week starting on Monday instead of Sunday, just let me know because this can be arranged.

To pre-order, simply email me at schreibstang at gmail dot com with "2015 typewriter calendar" in the header, and in the body, your shipping address and paypal account email. I'll then send you an invoice which then must be paid for by the night of 24 December, the final day to pre-order. On the 26th, I will place the order with Lulu. If all goes to plan, I should have the calendars out in the mail the first week of January.

*I am distributing the calendars this way, rather than through Lulu's sales site,
because this way you don't need to create a Lulu account just to buy the calendar.

12 Dec 2014

Ideal Portable

1939 Ideal Portable M 756874/M

1937 Erika M and 1939 Ideal Portable M

Sorry for the slightly worn-out ribbon. It came with a blue/red ribbon in fair enough condition that I'm keeping in because I like the color. I finally went out and bought a brand-new blue ribbon that I will be installing in this permanently!

Sent from my new Ideal Portable M