23 Dec 2014

Final calendar pre-orders / Case adjustment

Underwood case adjustment wrench and three hooks

Spanner screwdriver

Brad's Erika 9

Erika case adjustment screw

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  1. Spanner screwdriver: so that's what it's called! I recently had to MAKE one by grinding away the center of the tip of a cheap screwdriver.

    I'm sure I've adjusted the verticals on an Underwood portable without special tools, but I think I had to remove the shell.

    1. The confusing thing is on wikipedia, where all the screw drive types are listed, the spanner screwd looks like a regular screw two holes instead of a slow in it—like a European electric outlet.

      I've found a set online that I think should cover the range of Erikas, perhaps with a little grinding away the middle slots for the largest one.

      You can use any wrench the right sizes, provided it's flat enough. We couldn't find a newly made wrench that was flat enough to fit.