5 Mar 2016

Urban Inspection 5: On the other side of I-5

A new bridge is currently being built to expand I-5 and add more lanes.

But I prefer these sorts of bridges, not the massive pairs with 5 lanes each.

Even better if they are covered with moss!

But that's just western Washington. ;)

Freeways and their bridges by their very nature split communities and cut areas off from each other. In Tacoma, the "other" side of 5 has a reputation for being more dangerous, cheaper, and less interesting. In my 3+ years here I haven't often gone on the "other side of the tracks" just because there have rarely been reasons to, other than my desire to explore places.

I took these photos of "my" side of town from this bridge just on the other side of the freeway.

This white-painted fence with red diamonds marks the end of a street which was cut off by the freeway.

And there was a nice display of graffiti in the ravine beneath the bridge which houses a rail line and freeway extension.

I made a timelapse video, along with these pictures.