20 Sept 2012

Typewriters in Seattle & Collected Summary of Collecting

These results show, considering they are about 2 years worth of continuous searching, that in the end it doesn't really matter where you look. You will find typewriters worth keeping in just about any venue as long as you keep at it long enough! Perhaps the antique store findings would be much higher if I had allowed myself a limit of, say, $50 instead of $30. But only slightly.

Typed on my Torpedo 18.

And well, actually, it's Lynnwood and Edmonds but Seattle sounds better.

31 Aug 2012

Moving to Seattle!

That's what I'll be up to starting Saturday. Estimated arrival, 5 September.
Been waiting for this for, well, like a year. XD

I'll be taking 16 to 18 typewriters, I forget how many. Either way it's a lot considering it's in this car:

Wish me luck!

11 Jun 2012

What I Discovered at the Methodist Yard Sale

Typed on my new Remington Deluxe Noiseless on paper from a hotel in Colorado that I picked up last summer. It's surprisingly heavy and very nice compared to my usual copy paper fare. Too bad I only had two sheets. See how the keys sparkle? They're so new-looking.

Also, with my new PowerBook I can actually use the new Blogger interface. And upload photos en masse instead of one at a time. Funfunfun.

28 Apr 2012

1960s-1980s typing paper

There's some typing paper covers for you all. I rather like the first two designs.
These came with my Webster XL-500 that I bought last year.

23 Apr 2012


I'll post the paper covers separately.

Typed on my Brother Webster XL-500

So Blogger doesn't work on my computer at home anymore. It's old, so I expected as much eventually. So...as long as school lasts I'll upload from there but who knows about the interim between graduation and The Big Move.

I'm now updating this blog from my main Gmail account. Very convenient but I loose the 'Philosophothinker, ThD' name.

19 Apr 2012

On the Topic of '21 Questions' & Indiana

Hehee. Hahaa. I forgot my plea. Um, well, want to exchange these things called typewritten letters? I want to if you're young, attractive, male, and single. But if you're nice that's good enough. Email me. nickbeland (at) gmail (dot) com

Typed on my Hermes 3000

P.S. I'm Just Weird.

12 Apr 2012

Cheap Communist Thrills

Maybe I'm not a fan of Communism, but these Eastern European typewriters are pretty awesome.
Also, new discovery thanks to Richard Polt--the margin sets are a lot easier than I had thought a first.
Typed on my new Consul Silent

9 Apr 2012

Typewriters for Sale/I'm Moving...to Where?

The Remingtons

Remington Noiseless 8
I love this so much but it's rather big...and it doesn't type a full line due to a cracked carriage. I won't ask much for it. It has a special Medium Roman typeface that's kind of rare. With case. Make an offer. As far as I can remember, there was a little improvement in condition from this typecast, but it still types just the same.

Remington Deluxe Model 5
I love this one a lot too but I got my Rem Portable #1 which sort of makes up for it. This one's fully functional (other than a finicky bell) and looks rather nice. With case. $40 OBO. The link is not about it, just typed with it.

Remington Quiet-Riter
Remember my big project? Cleaning and oiling and all that. I doubt if anybody'll buy it. It has a finicky Remington bell. With case. It's actually going to be for free. I don't have a typed page by it, it seems.

Remington Streamliner
This one might be a little bit desirable. All's well with it and shipping would be cheap. With case/lid. $40 OBO.

Email me at belandnick(at)yahoo.com

The Rest

Sears Electric 12
Not expecting to get much from this. A small offer would suffice. But they're darn nice typewriters for being electrics. I have another one almost just like it which is the only reason I'm parting. With case. As you can see from the photo on the linked post, I switched out the brown base for a green one from a parts machine.

Royal Royalite
Cute and small and with a fun typeface. It wants a home. Nothing wrong with this. With a lovely deep red leatherette case. $25 OBO. No post by this since I found it when I wasn't typecasting during the winter.

Royal Safari
My best-typing Royal portable, but I don't like how it looks. You might. All is in order. With case. $20 OBO.

A couple of these hurt a little to part with. But I really need to cut my collection down to 25 before I go. That means these might end up at the thrift store. Ouch. Or if our typewriting Arizona teacher wants any of them after the dust settles. I might manage to find somebody here who'd want one. We'll see.

Email me at belandnick(at)yahoo.com

Typed on my Corona Sterling

5 Apr 2012

To Save Time Is To Lengthen Life

The other typewriters I bought are a Rem Quiet-Riter Eleven, a Royal Diana, and a Royal Royalite.
Typed on my Remington Portable.