31 Aug 2012

Moving to Seattle!

That's what I'll be up to starting Saturday. Estimated arrival, 5 September.
Been waiting for this for, well, like a year. XD

I'll be taking 16 to 18 typewriters, I forget how many. Either way it's a lot considering it's in this car:

Wish me luck!


  1. Wow, happy trails and I hope you and the typewriters fit in there!

  2. Eeeeep. I hope Seattle isn't far from where you currently are!

  3. I really like your car!
    No, i'm not kidding you, I love old beaters and I drive an european one.
    There's nothing more rewarding than arriving to destination after a long trip on such a car. And they are free of all those electronic annoying stuff of which modern cars are full.

  4. Davide:

    I like it too! Cost me so little and it gets 40 mpg. :D
    No GPS, of course, on my 2100 mile trip.

  5. good luck Nick!
    hope you pickup some typewriters on your way!

  6. 2100 miles, that definitely is a very long trip.
    I live in Italy, where gas costs 1,9 euros per liter (about 7,4 $ per gallon). My car is a 1.2 and, driving like an old lady, i get 25KM/l, nearly 60mpg.
    But if I had to do such a long ride (2100 miles are twice the Italy) at 65mph, my car would drink a lot more gas, because the gear ratio is so short.
    That's the reason why i am looking for an old Mercedes or BMW...

  7. Odd, I was just going to write you a letter this week, catching up on my (way overdue) correspondence. But that probably wouldn't get to you, since you're coming to my city. Let me know if you want to get a cup of coffee.

  8. Hi Nick, you'll be all settled in by now. Hope everything is going well. Love the car!