29 Dec 2016

Typing is not this puppy's strong point

A friend of mine came across this adorable and hilarious article in the archives of the local newspaper today, and I knew I had to share it with you all! From this angle I can't make out the typewriter, anyone have any ideas?

22 Dec 2016

Misty morning

W and I woke up before the sunrise and went for a walk in the park when it started to get light.

The misty morning twilight was a perfect setting for photography.

The pool (closed for winter) had some ducks in it.

While in the park, the sun slid just over the rooftops.

30 Nov 2016

Sacramento nights

I haven't posted any travel- or nature-related stuff here lately, so I thought I'd use today, the final day of November, as an excuse to make a post this month. I've taken plenty of photos in and around Sacramento since we moved here, but it seems like my favorite ones are always night shots. The first one here is of a canal to the west of town with a nice moon reflection.

This one is of the decommissioned Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station. That has a whole sad history of its own, with some gross mishandling on the side.

This is a shot along one of the many levees overlooking rivers that are found in the delta region. Unlike most river deltas, this one reaches inland from the mouth, rather than spreading outwards.

And finally, a street scene at night with some light streaking. I took this photo the same night I attempted to capture the "supermoon" which really didn't look very striking in my situation.

31 Oct 2016

Continental 100

1940  |  Continental 100  |  R335945

I forgot to mention how much I love the three-level ribbon cover. It's unique, totally unnecessary,
and very cool.

Sent from my Continental 100

24 Oct 2016

The Remington Portable (colors and typefaces)

I recently bought this little pamphlet on ebay. Along with some nice graphics, it also shows the colors and typefaces available at the time (which I presume is 1929) and mentions how special keyboards could be procured at no extra cost.

8 Oct 2016

We R Memory Keepers typewriter ribbons

I forgot to mention that these are not on universal spools—they will not work in many German, British, and other typewriters that use DIN spools.

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