24 Aug 2013

Travelling Companion

I tried photographing my typecast instead of scanning it in preparation for any travel typecasts, and I am more than pleased with the results, even in my poor lighting.

Typed with my Remington Portable 2

19 Aug 2013

Fraternal (Torpedo 18) Twins

1961 Torpedo 18b 1238654

1962 Torpedo 18a 1249029

Okay, okay. They're not twins. Not even fraternal twins. But I wanted to play on the title of this post about my other two Torpedoes. I've actually been living and doing things lately, hence why my posts are no longer uploaded at a manic pace! Though I feel like I'm getting a little out of practice on these double typewriter feature posts. Forgot to mention--I have the cream + brown Torpedo a soapy bath which seemed to help it a little, but not much. I also had to adjust the left margin and the margin release.

Typed with my two new Torpedo 18s.

16 Aug 2013

The typewriter packing job of your dreams

Combined international shipping for typewriters?

Isn't this horribly wrong and unforgivably foolish--a tinderbox waiting to explode?

I beg of you--think again!

(In this case combined shipping was the dealbreaker. Alone, these weren't worth the cost. But with the money saved, I couldn't resist.)

15 Aug 2013

In the Interest of an Hermes and a Singer

1956 Hermes 2000 2147771

196X Singer Electric D6SE 107936

The ink stains even don't show up well in my photos. They are faint, but fairly common.

Typed with my Hermes 2000 and Singer Electric

13 Aug 2013

I know where the summer goes

To borrow the title from a very good song.
And to be ridiculous, and provide a senseless answer to this.

Sent from my Royal Aristocrat

10 Aug 2013

Cubic Blue Facit TP2

1967 Facit TP2 P559664

Screws for adjustments. Identical screws are found on the other side.

I forgot to mention in the typecast that the @ symbol surely is one of the very best I've seen on a typewriter. It's simply perfect!

Typed with my new blue Facit TP2

7 Aug 2013

The Imitation-Forest King

1933 Royal Model OT 344877
"Imitation-Forest King"

I stuck a metal-spool ribbon in this to photograph it, though I didn't use this blue/red ribbon as the vibrator on this needs a little tweaking not to run into the red sometimes.

Sent from my new woodgrain Royal Model OT.