26 Aug 2011

16 Aug 2011

Family Units & The Answers

Nobody won the contest. It was too tough.

My new old alarm clock chirps like a bird. When you press the 'Doze' button,

how long you hold it down is related to how long it waits til it starts up again.

When it starts after a doze, it starts slowly and speeds up. It's cute.

Not quite the best alarm for waking you up roughly!

12 Aug 2011

Contest with a real prize--nothing to loose!

Your task is simple. Identify the exact model of typewriter in that blurry, sicko picture I took. Send me your conclusion via email. belandnick (at) yahoo.com -- Be as specific as you can. I'm looking for manufacturer (uhhh... that's easy), model, and year range. As the year range isn't too easy, I'll be generous on that one. What do you win for your efforts? Your pick of either item shown in the pictures below, shipped cost-free to any location in the continental US. (I wish I could send them overseas but...no way!) First one to email me with a good solid correct answer wins. This is no trick question. Have fun. :)

40 metallic red Dennison Notarial Seals

Lots of Eureka/Litton green Gummed Foil Stars.

I found both of these items (new in package, in quantity) at a 'yard sale' at an old stationery shop, for very cheap! If I feel generous I might give the second person to email me with a good answer their pick as well.

4 Aug 2011

Weekend & A Disgruntled Psuedo-Architect

This is a more expensive house now.

This a more expensive house in 1918. Notice it has something lacking today--good taste.
(And all those special purpose rooms. People had different expectations then.)

An upper middle range house today.

And an upper middle range in 1920. Again, notice it is tasteful not glamorous and false.

I agree this is very special-interest, and also opinionated. (But it's my opinion and my special interest!)
But if you share at least a mild dislike of McMansions let me know something about it.

Recommendations for number of bathrooms in a middle-class home (no maid or nurse):
2 beds/1 bath -- 3 beds/1 or 1.5 baths -- 4 beds/1.5 or 2 baths -- 5 beds/2 baths

I know this title would work great with a funny story. I'll try for a humorous look at part 2!

Typed on my Royal Aristocrat

3 Aug 2011

You're going to love this envelope

Blanked out the name and address, hope you don't mind when you see this!
My address again. I always love letters. :p

But I couldn't resist. Seeing this old envelope with old stamps,
yet the new postmark and little orange lines on the back.

I was going to upload typecast today but it turned out to be too grim, too political.