26 Aug 2011

About my 1920s Michigan farmhouse

Apologies for the somewhat bad photographs. I wanted to avoid using flash.

Typed on my Corona Sterling


  1. sweet digs! The woodwork is quite beautiful (:

  2. I'm not too pleased with construction. I majored in construction management, and it seems to mostly be about cutting costs, and the crews are fond of short cuts. It's harder to get away with that in major buildings but in residential work is kind of shoddy. I think all we're concerned about is having bigger homes, so we develop these glue lams etc to save wood, instead of using good wood in a smaller home.

  3. That really is beautiful, warm wood.

    Obviously you have an eye for architecture and I look forward to more typecasts along these lines.

  4. Thanks for sharing your home. Timber merchants here also find it hard to provide clear and not-too-fast-growth pine, even for smaller cabinet work. Start planting trees?

  5. Have you seen this?