20 Aug 2011

Question regarding the future of Philosophothought

Typed on my Hermes 3000


  1. Personally I will be quite interested in your architectural thoughts. One of my grandfathers was an architect and I have always paid attention to buildings. (See my skyscraper doodles in my recent "Education on paper" post.)

    I also say: take this blog wherever your curiosity and passion bring it. It's your life and your blog; we are just peeking in whatever windows you choose to open for us. Blogging should be something we do for the love of it and primarily for ourselves, not a duty or a service.

  2. Don't you worry. I would guess that many of us more casual collectors have reached a leveling point in our "buying" phase, and are seeking to thin the herd down to the machines we really enjoy.

    This past year has seen a burst of growth in the Typosphere, with probably more than 2/3rds of us just getting onto the bandwagon since last August, and showing off our typewriters - which undoubtedly has led to a freshening of the pace of machine-hunting among all of us. It's been a fun year of new finds, and if nothing else, we've collectively proved by example that you can still find as many good typewriters as you want real cheap if you take the time to hunt them down.

    So, go ahead and dazzle us with your architectural musings. As long as you typecast them, it's still typecasting! I'm sure there are more than a few of us who are contemplating similar shifts of focus on our blogs. It's all good (:

  3. Yeah just post what you want. It's YOUR SPACE after all, and don't be deterred when you get no feedback. That happens to me whenever I post fiction but I still do it, that's why I have the typewriters!
    I'd also like to get together on serial number and other comparative research using our collections. TW-DB has been a great tool but it lets us down on the later models.

  4. Yes! Write about architecture, old houses, write about anything! But do keep writing and posting. :)

    Also, good luck on school! I'm at my first day back in college after 2 years out, and am ready but it's a little intimidating at first. Hope you enjoy your teachers and classes.

    And adventures! :D

  5. I agree - write what you want to write about. No sense being bored by your own blog.

    (Oh, and I have to interject here: by "real teacher" I'm going to assume you mean a "paid teacher"? Gotta stand up for my hard-working, homeschoolin' peeps.)