13 Aug 2011

Statements on Pink Paper: Remington & BBC

Typed on my new Remington Streamliner


  1. cute machine! I have a mid-50's travel-riter (http://manualentry.blogspot.com/2011/05/travel-riter.html) - probably a design ancestor. It's rather nice. I think my best small portable for typing feel is the cheap plastic SCM Zephyr Deluxe (script). I'm still surprised by that. I prefer it over all the larger scm's.

  2. We have to know:
    When your new alarm clock goes off, does it play "I Got You, Babe", every morning, without fail?
    (Too early for "Groundhog Day" references? Too early for flapjacks?)

    My brother had one of those alarm clocks. Maybe he still does. His doesn't play any Sonny and Cher, as far as I know.