16 Aug 2011

Family Units & The Answers

Nobody won the contest. It was too tough.

My new old alarm clock chirps like a bird. When you press the 'Doze' button,

how long you hold it down is related to how long it waits til it starts up again.

When it starts after a doze, it starts slowly and speeds up. It's cute.

Not quite the best alarm for waking you up roughly!


  1. I know I've done other typecasts on it but the very first one I found at the goodwill outlet was a silent-super. I don't know why it was $3 when all the others have been $7. I'll have to type on it again to check those caps you mention. http://manualentry.blogspot.com/2010/12/silent-super-for-3.html

  2. I *love* my 2 50's model Super-5's. I have a '55 Silent in Elite and the '53 Silent-Super in 6 Pitch Pica. They're both great to type on, and I haven't noticed my caps being blurry. That may be an issue with the springs that control your "Floating Shift".

    an example of the type on my Elite one is here: