30 Sept 2014

Westcott typist rule

I spelled Westcott wrong… I knew it. But seriously, that extra "t" shouldn't even be there.

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29 Sept 2014

Golden Era

1978 Erika 105 5798745

The weird thing about what happened in the 1970s is that a quick look between a pre- and post-change Erika doesn't reveal anything that would explain why the typing action improved so dramatically. I intent do some day look deeper into this mystery.

I've also been keeping my two Erika history posts updated with any new information I get or things I figure out. If you haven't look at those posts before, they will explain some of the things I said in the typecast. Post-war Erikas (part 1, 1946-1965) - Post-war Erikas (part 2, 1965-1991)

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27 Sept 2014

Flag in the wind: 2014 Tacoma type-out

It was a perfect day for a type-out. 6 people took part—not counting a couple interested bystanders and an appearance from Eugene Onegin. It started out with a bit of wind and the table in the shade, and got sunnier and less windy as the type-out continued, before being shaded again.

Groma Modell N made a fashionably late appearance, and probably stole the show. That isn't to say that there weren't many other exciting typewriters to try out, because there were! I especially liked the semi-musical Remington 10 and the white Royal Model P with apothecary symbols. (and of course I am proud that my Erika 11 was also well-loved)

26 Sept 2014

Tacoma type-out update

Confirmed: the Tacoma type-out will be held outside! The weather will be partly cloudy, 0% chance of rain, temperature around 66º, and 7mph winds. Paper will be supplied in half-sheets to prevent too much interference with the typing if the wind picks up.

25 Sept 2014

Two very different ideas of portable

I was talking to someone about my typewriter collecting recently, and they asked if I collected big ones. I told them I collected portable typewriters only… but then I realized how wildly different they can be in size for someone who isn't familiar with them.

So here I introduce my Groma Kolibri—I finally got one! Unfortunately it doesn't work very well due to a problem behind the segment I don't know how to fix. The keys on the left side of the keyboard are much stiffer than they should be and require a great deal of pressure to strike and advance the carriage. I've isolated the problem to the plate behind the segment that moves when keys are pressed, or at least something attached to that, but I don't know how to make it stop binding on that side (or whatever it's doing).

23 Sept 2014

On to better and greater things

1937 Triumph Norm-6 176873

The ribbon spools are quite genius. Rather than hooking ribbons on the normal way, there is a little locking clamp. It's both simpler to change, less messy, and also more durable than a typical ribbon spool arrow. All these qualities are important if you're going to have the user keep the original spools.

*I suppose my ramblings aren't actually greater than the entire Nazi party,
but it sounded good as I wrote it.

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