12 Nov 2011

A Mercedes-Benz 300SDL Turbo

Typed on the Mercedes-Benz of typewriters, Torpedo 18a.
Apologies for the bad photos.
Oh, forgot to mention it does have intermittent electrical failures. That's not always easy to remember because everything usually works fine.

29 Oct 2011

Blog Post 100 Comes Not From A Typewriter

Typed on my IBM Thinkpad 385ED with MS Word 95, copied the screenshot into Photoshop 3.0, sent to 1.44MB floppy disk, copied from that and uploaded to Blogger via my IBM Thinkpad 600X.

This is my 100th blog post, and I have 24 followers and over 7,000 pageviews! I've been working at this since February.

7 Oct 2011

What I Found In A Little Thrift Shop

Typed on my new Adler J2 and Royal Futura 600
I made it in 12 minutes, easy.
Also, I realise I'm in the midst of a real typewriter golden age here.

26 Aug 2011

16 Aug 2011

Family Units & The Answers

Nobody won the contest. It was too tough.

My new old alarm clock chirps like a bird. When you press the 'Doze' button,

how long you hold it down is related to how long it waits til it starts up again.

When it starts after a doze, it starts slowly and speeds up. It's cute.

Not quite the best alarm for waking you up roughly!