20 Jun 2011

The Best Goodwill Find Ever!

Typed on my new Hermes 3000
I couldn't stop adding new stuff to the typecast!

THE HEADLINES: A 2009 adventure

From the archive box:
All this was typed by me two years ago, with a little snippet by my sister.
See how unprofessionally delightful I used to put stuff together? One of the
disadvantages of knowing how to use margin stops properly is loss of that innocence.
You can also see what I mentioned last typecast about my Smith-Corona typing crazy
after the 17th of March. I believe this was typed on my Webster XL-500,
Smith-Corona Silent, Olympia CE-12, and Canon Typestar 6.
Also note that I thought there existed an SG-4. I was hoping...

9 Jun 2011

7 Jun 2011


So this is Philosophothought at its best. Addressing a
controversial topic in prose through a short typed story.
I fully endorse the message, obviously since I wrote it.
Three people in there did really stupid things. But the
stupidity of Micahel's father is easily 574 times greater
than Adrian's and Michael's combined. Mysterious suicides
are more likely to be of this kind than everybody thinks.

I'm expecting some comments, highly likely. Please keep things calm. :)
P.S. This is not my best writing, I've done better.

Typed on my Remington Super-Riter

2 Jun 2011

SCM Changeable Type & An easy mystery

This came with my SCM Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve that I'm going to say is mid to late 70s, because it's definitely newer than my Classic 12 that I gave to my sister, it has newer-style changeable type keys and a couple more parts plastic instead of metal. Still, I prefer it to the Classic 12!

Play the guessing game, I'm making it too easy by providing such a generous swath of the typewriter! I'll be doing the next typecast with it, just got it all cleaned up in the bathtub. So what is it?

I'm done with the non-typecast posts for now, sick of typing in descriptions on my computer. I miss being able to say 'Typed on xxxxx' at the bottom of each post. I miss my coloured paper...

1 Jun 2011

Characters, day 7: Merle Meekon

I realise that I have purely horrid grammar. But I don't care! ;D
I also realise The Meekons are a band though I only heard one song
of theirs, a long time ago and forgot what it was about.

Typed on my Torpedo 18