23 Apr 2016

115 typewriters on the move

The move we've been planning for all year has finally arrived. The movers cleared out the house, minus typewriters and other essential items (okay, the typewriters aren't essential but I wouldn't entrust their care to a moving company!)

At W's suggestion, I decided to take advantage of the great empty space of the living room to do a group photo of all 115 of my typewriters. I spent several hours last night arranging them (with his welcome help in carrying them around) and posted an out-of-focus teaser to the Antique Typewriter Collectors group on facebook.

So here they are, all 114 portables and 1 lone standard, laid out for your eyes to feast.

I'll save any grand speeches for my beloved Tacoma for another time.
But, the next time you see me, I'll be in Sacramento.