7 Jun 2011


So this is Philosophothought at its best. Addressing a
controversial topic in prose through a short typed story.
I fully endorse the message, obviously since I wrote it.
Three people in there did really stupid things. But the
stupidity of Micahel's father is easily 574 times greater
than Adrian's and Michael's combined. Mysterious suicides
are more likely to be of this kind than everybody thinks.

I'm expecting some comments, highly likely. Please keep things calm. :)
P.S. This is not my best writing, I've done better.

Typed on my Remington Super-Riter


  1. Thank you for posting this story. It is so sad -- but the saddest thing is that it's not unrealistic.

  2. This is Philosophothought at its best, and why I never tire of reading it. I loved this story rather a lot, for more reasons than anyone else can understand, and for all the same ones that caused you to write it. Richard is right, very sad, but not uncommon. Regrettably, we are both better acquainted than we want to be with the kind of stupidity that is out there, but there is still some good and things are gradually getting better.