9 Jun 2011

Some Kmarts are still with us! A new friend

Typed on my new Kmart 100

I forgot to mention how incredibly cute this is.
And how amazing the paint colour is.


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  2. Damn typos. Second try:

    May not be true blues but the lighting really has a retro colour cast to it. That's a great post, especially the farewell.

  3. Did you try calling either Ace Typewriter in Portland OR or Cambridge Typewriter in Mass to see if they have these colors? I would love a brown typewriter ribbon so let me know if you find one!

  4. that one did a lot of pages on NaNoWriMo.
    enjoy it

  5. I've done business with Jay many times and found him to be great to do business with. I really don't understand the issue as he has ribbons in all colors that ribbons can be found in. Now, that doesn't mean ALL colors like I can find on my fountain pen side of the world, but it does mean I can get black, red, green and purple from him and I have. You might see if Richard Polt has ever found any blue or brown ribbons as he seems to be able to find some things that are hard to source. I know I've seen blue rarely on eBay in old ribbons that people have for sale but I've yet to see brown period. I'm sure it was out there at one time but you might be holding it against Jay for simply not having what doesn't exist.