28 Sept 2011

A real deluxe portable

Typed on my new Brother De Luxe 895


  1. I thought that was called Picalite? Maybe not-when this was made only Commies in Texas were buying un-Amurrican typewriters. Never saw a Brother until I went to college! I've been wanting one of these upper-end ones but they keep getting away. Yours is a beauty-congratulations! Richard K/Texas

  2. Love it. Classier than my XL-747, which seems kind of toy-ish looking by comparison. But it's still a great typer. Good find.

  3. Hello,

    What is the function of the "C S" lever on the left side of the keyboard?



  4. Hello, I just got this typewriter as a Christmas present for one of my friends: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/ZM0AAOSwhlZZxnsM/s-l1600.jpg (if you want to check more picture I attached the link to the ebay post http://r.ebay.com/7EWEVd). With my limited knowledge about vintage typewriters and the research I made, I can tell that it was made on August 1966 (the serial number starts with H6) and I think it may be a Wizard Tabulator version of the De Luxe 895. Do you think that is correct? Do you think parts and ink ribbons for the 895 will work on it? Do you have any info about this version you may want to share? Thank you!