30 Sept 2011

Another Olympia? They keep coming my way!

Typed on my new Olympia SM9


  1. Congrats on another good find. I guess "piclite" must be pronounced "pie cleat."

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Unbelievable! Your area must have been Oly's best US territory!

    Andrew G.

  3. So you have a typewriter bone too like Ted? I don't. It seems when I most expect one I come up empty and when I don't they are all over. This is a nice find for you. Congrats! I know what you mean about streaks, I had an Olivetti and then an Underwood run recently.

  4. Ain't that funny? The 9er I know looks exackly like that one but has a release lever on the left and the right. The variations on these old gadgets are just mind-boggling!

    Keep on bloggin'!


  5. I was the commentor on "Picalite" type. It was driving me nuts where I'd seen that, but I finally found it. In The Portable Typewriter Forum some kind soul posted a number of Consumer Reports portable tests in pdf format; in the 1979 test a Brother-made Sears machine has the comment that it's only available in 11-pitch "Picalite" type. I do apologize if I have misled anyone; as I stated I've never owned a Brother. My brain is at times a real repository for useless information! Richard K/Texas

  6. @Richard P

    I say it like 'pick light' because it sounds better than the way it probably ought to be pronounced; but now there is no Brother making typewriters with piclite so it doesn't matter.

    @Andrew G

    Actually, I think notagain, who commented right below you, has the best area but I suppose it wouldn't be stretching it to say I'm in an area above average. :)


    Sometimes...sometimes. At other times it is the exact opposite of what I feel, so I really can't be sure at all!

    @Richard K

    Piclite is 10.6 CPI so I'm curious about that now!