24 Nov 2011

Holydayy Statmentts

Typed on my Olympia SM3


  1. Wuzzup. . . How's that? Happy Turkey Day! Caleb was here.

  2. Command-S, that's funny!

    Hope you enjoy big Thanksgiving reunions. Having no family nearby, we had three people -- myself, my wife, and our daughter.

  3. And a happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope the visit with the extended family is enjoyable.

    My father requested a turntable with a USB output for his 80th birthday. Long live vinyl!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Nick! Hope you had a nice day. I feel your pain at not finding any "new" typewriters recently. Its been about 3 weeks since I've found any at our local thrift store. They had one full size Underwood on the counter. But it was in rough shape and HUGE. I like the smaller, more compact models. -Chris