12 Nov 2011

A Mercedes-Benz 300SDL Turbo

Typed on the Mercedes-Benz of typewriters, Torpedo 18a.
Apologies for the bad photos.
Oh, forgot to mention it does have intermittent electrical failures. That's not always easy to remember because everything usually works fine.


  1. That is a great piece of machinery! I've always admired Mercedes starting with an early and unhealthy fixation on the 300SL Gullwings - not that I could ever afford one.

    If that is built as well as German typewriters, it ought to last for a very long time.

  2. Beautiful script typeface. Nice automobile, too.

    An acquaintance has one. I've walked up to old 1960s MBZ's in junkyards and the doors still open and close like bank vaults. Mileage isn't really as great as all that, however. It is a big car. 22-25 MPG would be more like it, still more than most cars as large and luxurious from that time.

    Previously Merc. had a 5-cyl diesel, absolutely indestructible. The six cyl. designs were very innovative but more troublesome. They are very long. Oil consumption with any diesel is a sign of potential imminent bad times, so keep a sharp watch out on that. The suspension must be in good repair, along with the motor mounts and all hoses. The doors have parts the wear, so good lubrication and adjustment will keep them feeling the way they should.

    Are your folks mechanically inclined? Such a car is perfect for the mechanically inclined.

    What a fantastic car. My modern diesel doesn't sound nearly as good as those old cars. They've gotten rid of all the noise on the new cars!

    One thing's for sure, my parents would never have the imagination to get one of those! They'd probably ruin it from neglecting the maintenance.