9 Apr 2012

Typewriters for Sale/I'm Moving...to Where?

The Remingtons

Remington Noiseless 8
I love this so much but it's rather big...and it doesn't type a full line due to a cracked carriage. I won't ask much for it. It has a special Medium Roman typeface that's kind of rare. With case. Make an offer. As far as I can remember, there was a little improvement in condition from this typecast, but it still types just the same.

Remington Deluxe Model 5
I love this one a lot too but I got my Rem Portable #1 which sort of makes up for it. This one's fully functional (other than a finicky bell) and looks rather nice. With case. $40 OBO. The link is not about it, just typed with it.

Remington Quiet-Riter
Remember my big project? Cleaning and oiling and all that. I doubt if anybody'll buy it. It has a finicky Remington bell. With case. It's actually going to be for free. I don't have a typed page by it, it seems.

Remington Streamliner
This one might be a little bit desirable. All's well with it and shipping would be cheap. With case/lid. $40 OBO.

Email me at belandnick(at)yahoo.com

The Rest

Sears Electric 12
Not expecting to get much from this. A small offer would suffice. But they're darn nice typewriters for being electrics. I have another one almost just like it which is the only reason I'm parting. With case. As you can see from the photo on the linked post, I switched out the brown base for a green one from a parts machine.

Royal Royalite
Cute and small and with a fun typeface. It wants a home. Nothing wrong with this. With a lovely deep red leatherette case. $25 OBO. No post by this since I found it when I wasn't typecasting during the winter.

Royal Safari
My best-typing Royal portable, but I don't like how it looks. You might. All is in order. With case. $20 OBO.

A couple of these hurt a little to part with. But I really need to cut my collection down to 25 before I go. That means these might end up at the thrift store. Ouch. Or if our typewriting Arizona teacher wants any of them after the dust settles. I might manage to find somebody here who'd want one. We'll see.

Email me at belandnick(at)yahoo.com

Typed on my Corona Sterling

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