26 Jul 2011

Typeface Expo 2011

Typed on lots of typewriters


  1. Great post! I love typeface expos. My favorites here (all of them ones I've never seen) are the Remington Noiseless, Presidential Pica, and Windsor. I love that they are all pica sized, and yet so interesting.

  2. Quite lovely! I really like the numbers of your Remington Super-Riter, reminds me of my first Skyriter (the one I lost), though I still haven't found a typewriter with numbers I liked as well as that one! Also the Royal Futura's font is very cool.

  3. A good way of expressing those subtle yet distinctive characteristics. Note to self: must do same one day. Meanwhile, cursive - just a dream. Purple ribbon - another dream. I have trouble finding decent red and black. Another great post.

  4. I'm glad you're enjoying the Kmart so much.
    Rob: doesn't Jay Respler ship internationally? That's where I got green and purple. Could be spendy but worth it for as long as ribbons last.