26 Sept 2013

26 IX 2013 / Dip Pencast

The record book is from the 1950s, the pen holder is probably from the 1940s, the nib was bought new in the mid-2000s, and the ink (made right in Seattle and costs the same as the Higgins India ink I dislike) is from the 2010s.

After a bit of research it looks like this probably isn't the best nib for ordinary writing.

Pencast from my Hunt Globe 513 in Hanover 70 with Daniel Smith Walnut Ink


  1. That is a nice combination of old note book, dip pen and ink. I like the nib on the dip pen. It is quite a bit different than any on my fountain pens or my 2 old & small dip pens.

    1. It's smoother and easier (designed for precise work) than my Hunt's School nib, though it is significantly longer which places the writing point further from the finger grip than I'd like.