27 Sept 2013

Triumph Norm

1936 Triumph Norm 170022

(Alas, I had no clever title this time.)

A separate but somewhat related piece of information is that one can restore a bit of the shine back to Bakelite like this by wiping some light oil on the surface (from Richard Polt) and I also found out independently when cleaning up my Triumph De Jur Perfekt that a little light oil will help restore the richness of the colour of the brown keys on those models (they have a tendency to fade).

Typed on my new Triumph Norm


  1. Bee-yootiful and triumphant Triumph!

    My experience with Smith-Coronas disagrees with yours. I find my flattop a little awkward compared to the speedline (the height of styling in my view). The speedline and Super 5 versions are both outstanding, in my view. Then the Galaxies do decline -- the "fit and finish" isn't quite there and the materials used are lower quality.

    1. I've always been at odds with how people felt about Coronas. Maybe I just got really, really lucky with my flattop (though I can't see why. It's rather worn). I just won my second flattop online after looking for ages to get one affordably that looks to be in super nice shape, so I'll compare the two!

  2. Sehr schön!
    Though I've a very limited set to compare with, do agree that out of the 30-ies machines the Corona has the lightest, most modern feel. (The linkage mechanism of flattop and Speedline are the same I think.)

    On bakelite I've recently discovered that wax can work well. Furniture wax. Especially on bakelite that has been mistreated by being polished with Brasso or some such. The wax seals the holes in the surface again and brings the shine back.

    (Auch sehr schöne Fotografiën muß ich sagen, helle beleuchting und scharf... :-)

    1. I've had poor luck with Speedlines, compared to my one flattop. The earlier Coronas do seem to be rather inconsistent, both with age and less precision in the build probably.

      Triumph Norm's bakelite seems to be in good shape (with decent shine), though I definitely am going to work on shining it up more soon.

      ( Danke! Es ist alles wegen der indirekten Außenbeleuchtung hier in Washington, ist es sehr gedämpften die meiste Zeit. Mein Deutsch ist wirklich schlecht, ich musste mit Google Translate, um die Details zu verstehen, was du gesagt hast. Ich selbst benutzte es, um diese zu schreiben. XD )

  3. That's quite a pretty machine for something that you call well-used. Even the decal is still in good shape! It must have been someone's favorite.