15 May 2011

My first antique typewriter + much more!

Typed on my new L C Smith No. 8
at my desk as the rain fell against my window.

Royal typefaces from munk's blog.
I found that my L C Smith dates to 1919!


  1. Congrats on the LC Smith - those open-frame machines are a lot of fun and easy to fix (mine's the super-common Underwood #5).

    Also, more public typecasting, yay! :D

  2. That's a great looking LC Smith. And an outstandingly good price, I'd say. I wonder what the three horses in the decal refer to? Also, if you ever get another typewriter that's only fit for junk - you could salvage a good deal of use from it by taking it completely apart. It is a good way to understand how things are put together. But I understand the destructive urge too :-)

  3. Those decals are wonderful . You are very lucky to find such a nice machine.