4 May 2011

Intense nights & German industrial metal

The two topics being unrelated.
Typed on my Olympia B-12 and my Consul 232
on my floor.


  1. Suddenly, everybody wants a noiseless typewriter. Is it because of the unappreciated racket made by normal machines? Or, is it that they are just kind of cool, with their somewhat muted voices?

    Whatever the case, your story sounds eerily similar to my own: I was outbid on a couple of typers I thought I really wanted. And then, I saw a Noiseless 8 with less than an hour left on the clock. The seller later e-mailed me how surprised he was about the selling price, but he didn't seem quite as overjoyed as I.

    Congratulations on your prize!

  2. Another cracker, thanks. I got an iTunes voucher for my birthday back in February but still haven't spent it. There's too much choice. I want everything but I only have £15. And I want stuff I already have, but on vinyl or tape and the deck's in the loft. And I think that's stupid, get music you HAVEN'T heard before. So I was browsing iTunes store and simultaneously listening to full tracks on Spotify and basically talking myself out of a purchase at the same time as generally enjoying the music I was listening to. An THEN I clicked an old playlist and found myself listening to Pickin' the blues by Grinderswitch. The studio version of which was DJ John Peel's theme tune. Now, I can't express how important he was to everyone who ever listened to his show. He played music nobody else would. The late evening slot was 'must listen' radio - usually while doing homework. And you thought you were practically alone, until years later and I still bump into people who remember the Fall session or Joy Division's live set. I taped everything I liked, never bought a record until I was maybe 17 (Sandinista, The Clash).

    Interesting word verification this time: balls

  3. PS: I have a couple of noiseless writers and I have news, they aren't :-)