23 Mar 2011

Quality Ribbons for $1.45 Each & more

Typed on my Royal Arrow
at my desk on this neat old paper


  1. Too inky for a Royal Arrow? Now that's inky! I usually put my new black/red ribbons in there first for a few runs before they make it into my finicky 60s European machines, whose type doesn't look as good as the Royal's when drenched in ink. Either that or I just make a huge mess dabbing them down with paper towels. I'm probably going to order from these guys, so those free ribbons are gonna pay for themselves. Good business sense.Thanks for the info.

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  2. Great deal, and the typing looks excellent!

  3. What an excellent deal! Unheard of. I was about to go on about how lucky you US-based collectors are to have this at your disposal, but heck, I just sent them an email myself. Maybe they'll agree to ship internationally. Fingers crossed! I would love to get my hands on some purple and green ribbons.

    I hope the word spreads in the typosphere; this is a really nice discovery.

  4. That's a great find. I'm always buying up new/old stock at thrift stores and such, but it's a real crapshoot, and you generally get half-dried-out ribbons.