17 May 2013

Two painting projects / First eBay typewriter

The rinsing out actually didn't do much good at all. It's still rather dirty. I definitely don't need to oil it though! I'm guessing that if a true cleaning takes place, the oil will be gone too. Either way, it's not filled with eraser crumbs any more. I did do a thorough soap washing of the exterior panels, especially the ribbon cover to be painted this week.

Written with speed on my Speedwriter.


  1. I haven't found rinsing in water to be a very effective cleaning method for most typewriters.

    Hope the Hermes 2000 arrives safely, it sounds very promising.

  2. Welcome to the slippery slope of eBay purchases. To counter some prejudice there is against eBay, I always tell myself that there's a person on the the other end of the deal who is most likely a decent human being - just that they have one too many typewriters. I have half an eye on a 2K myself. Have fun when it arrives.

    1. They seem to be more decent than others I've dealt with, if bad at spelling.
      They also seem to either buy and sell them, or else be reducing their collection so I have some amount of trust in them.