20 May 2013

From a time before the Sears Tower's watchful eye towered over Lake Michigan

1957 Tower President (Smith-Corona) 5TT575856X

I've always been amused at how the "Sears Tower" predated the Sears Tower by over 20 years.

Typed on my new 1957 Tower President on some very tea-stained paper.


  1. Wow, your typecast makes brown look enticing! And that is a handsome, super-clean machine. I think the Tower name variants are often more stylish, a bit more daring, than the Smith-Corona branded ones.

    "Sears Tower" ... that never even occurred to me!

    1. Brown done right only makes the commonplace more special. Take the rich brown 50s Royals!
      More stylish, indeed. But nothing quite equals the Golden Shield variants, in my view.

      Chicago dominated the dreams of many a Western Michigan boy, I can imagine.

      Quite pristine, especially in the workings. There are only a few scratches on the clean paint.