12 May 2013

A Speedwriter and the events surrounding it

1958 Speedwriter (Consul) ZP-98292

I think this is the most images I've ever included in one post. :D

Typed with the welcome assistance of my new Speedwriter.


  1. Nice looking typewriter. I have never seen one live and in person.

    I do hate rude shop owners. What makes it worse is if, like you, I am in their shop and really want to purchase something. Then I have to put up with them. Other wise I like to leave my things on the counter and just leave and let them put them back where I found them.

  2. I was almost swayed by a creamy Consul just last week. Maybe the next one I see I will take a closer look. Thanks for a good write-up!

  3. The guy sounds like a jerk, but this is a nice addition to your collection. Looks pretty cool in its gray flannel suit!

  4. I guess it's a good thing he ignored me altogether. Nice buy though - great that you got the manual as well.

    1. He typically will ignore you unless if you go to the counter from what I've seen. He can even be slightly accommodating if you ask for help, but as soon as you talk money he locks into his...mood.

      It was a little more than I'd usually pay, but I feel like it was worth it. :)