29 May 2013

Army Green Death Machine Hermes

1952 Hermes 2000 2017811

I forgot to mention, the rubber feet are completely shot. Anybody know where I might be able to find replacements? I think it would be worth it for this otherwise perfect machine. Another thing is how the key travel is very short compared to other typewriters, which gives it a really unique feel. The more I use it the more I get the feel of it, it just takes some getting used to.

Update: The keytops fit my fingertips better than most typewriters. The touch is also really growing on me. I enjoy using my 2000 for more than just horrible business letters. :O

Word-bullets shot out from my new Hermes 2000


  1. Glad to hear you had an excellent eBay experience.

    I have the glossy black version, and it's a beauty, although it's not my favorite typewriter for use. I am glad to hear you typed a business letter on your "killer" machine.

    1. It definitely is beautiful!

      I only wish I had more need for rude business letters because I think that is it's real purpose in my life.

      I think the two other styles of 2000 probably are more attractive. I think it looks quite lovely in the light green of the 3000. But, at the same time, this works so well as it is and doesn't look bad at all.

  2. inge braeckevelt9 Nov 2014, 03:53:00

    I have recently bought a very similar typewriter - the keys are square and green however and the tab bar brownish so possibly a slightly more recent model. Found it under a table of a stall on a flea market in Antwerp and bought it for 25 euro. No manual however... and only one brush (the long one). Would it be possible for you to scan in the manual for me?
    Much obliged,
    Inge Braeckevelt

  3. inge braeckevelt9 Nov 2014, 04:16:00

    PS I think your machine might be older than 1952 as the design of the keys is more consistent with a Hermes from the 30's. I just downloaded a 50's manual and the square keys look like the ones on my machine. Is that possible? Forgive me, I am not an expert.