27 May 2013

War Correspondent Skyriter

1960 Smith-Corona Skyriter 3Y 275501

*Hence, I named it "War Correspondent Skyriter"

Interesting how it includes both the old and new logos.

*Hence, I named it "War Correspondent Skyriter"

I realised a day after I got it that it was missing the back Skyriter name panel by the bunny ears. If anybody has one they could spare that is in the beige colour, let me know! Also, I have found a new method to take better photos. I've set up a mini-studio with a grey blanket that helps my camera take better photos, somehow. They look pretty sharp against the darker background.

Typed adamantly with our new Smith-Corona Skyriter


  1. Yeah, those back nameplates tend to vanish on Skyriters. They're held on by simple pressure tabs, and any bending to the plate will make it pop right off.

    1. Yeah, I have a friend who had the same thing happen.

  2. War Correspondent Skyriter has arrived in Kyrgyzstan, unharmed, in working order, and ready to begin service.