23 Jun 2013

The Great Feeling of Loss / Consul and Olympia


It's difficult to capture the beauty of this typewriter. The lines are pleasing and it is painted a very glossy rich cream colour that doesn't show well in photos. It tends to look a bit washed-out. When it was new in the late 50s, it was doubtlessly very dated to the eye of the American consumer.

If you'll remember, the Olympia SM3 was thoroughly caked with dirt. I finally gave it a fairly rough scrubbing that seems to have got most of it out! The pictures are not ideal as the sun began to set during this mass photoshoot.

Thus ends Typewriter Day 2013 for me. Two posts is hardly sufficient to devote to typewriters, which is why we have all the rest of our lives. :) "I raise my ribbon in a toast to Typewriter Days for the rest of the days typewriters exist."

Typed with and from my Consul Silent.


  1. Happy Typewriter day!

    And that's one slick little SM3 (:

  2. I can almost imagine the buttery creaminess missing from the consul pics. Maybe try photgraphing at different times of day with different backgrounds. Colour temperature and juxtaposition dramatically affect colours transposed from one medium - painted metal - to another. The SM looks better than ever!

    1. It probably would show best with inside light only, and I do tend to photograph my typewriters at all times of day so it'll just be a matter of time before I get it right.