22 Jun 2013

Carbon Ribbon 3000 / Ravishingly Red Royal

Hermes 3000s look almost as ungainly and cute skinned as they do whole.

I suggest that from now on everybody does their type samples according to keyboard layout.

(That title was contributed by the Royal...I really don't know. These Royals are so vain!)

As a sidenote, I will no longer be grading new typewriters. The numbers I was coming up with had no relevance, they were always clustering around 5 and that doesn't really give an accurate view of a typewriter if all of them are approximately 5 out of 6!

Sent from my Hermes 3000 and a mystery pica donor.


  1. This Hermes types great with a carbon ribbon. I'm glad that it worked for you!

    Yes, I had noticed that you kept rating things 5 out of 6. You loved them all but still felt further perfection was possible ... just how I feel about many of my machines!

    1. And I'm glad you planted the seed in my brain!
      Thankfully a daisy didn't sprout.

      I've got part of my little guerrilla typewriter group spread out on the floor because that's what I do with them, and I could not for any sum of money choose an actual favourite typewriter, or for that matter, give any single one an accurate swath of ratings.

  2. That is a beautiful typeface on your Hermes 3000! Congrats on the simple fix too, my SF took me something like 4 hours of manipulation before I got a hint of proper typing! XD

    1. I've got it back together now, and it's working better than it ever had before. So technically, it's been 2 years between aquisition and actually being able to type with complete function. That's only due to laziness and lack of inclination, though!