25 Jun 2013

From Czechoslovakia with Elegance

1960s Consul 221.1 103729

Consul 221.1 Manual
Elegant is such an inelegant word. It really is.

You can see the fairly big difference between indoor lighting and sunlight on the paint.

Especially viewed in the last photo, I think the Consul 221 is one of the most attractive pieces of design work that exists. Everything is just...perfect. Lines, colours, logo, even the return lever. Design perfection is hard to come by. That said, I think this typewriter looks better than it types. But saying so doesn't really say that it types poorly at all.

Typed with my new Consul 221.1

(Mr Polt, you are free to add the manual to your site if you like.)


  1. Congratulations on the great Consul! It is one fantastic looking machine and you have all the extras.

  2. Pretty machine and some great touches on and around it. I like the letterspaced branding above the keyboard and almost everything about the manual. Typewriter gold!

    1. Elegant...simple...I just find myself repeating words like that all the time now.

      What amused me was their (apparent) use of Gill Sans!

  3. That's a very pretty, pristine unit. Did you write us a Czech in that guessing game?

    1. That's not the language I wrote in.
      The question is...did I write in any language at all?