23 Jun 2013

He Whose Name Must Never Be Mentioned

1949/50 Smith-Corona 4AR15827
"He Whose Name Must Never Be Mentioned"

Composed with my new Smith-Corona, unanimously elected leader of the local division of the insurgency, which is not organized top down, but contrarily on a local basis with no administrative connection whatsoever to any claimed central power.

Soon after this typecast I heard an explosion in the near distance. Remember, I live right downtown in a city.

His serial number cannot be found in the Typewriter Database, and I guess he is from 1949/50. For now I will call him a Smith-Corona 4AR, just like we call the Electric a 5TE.


  1. The exploits of the younger generation are an inspiration, according to 2A39541 :-)

    Interesting; the R suggests 're-issue' or 'reserve'?, a bit like patent numbers with an R prefix. Corona I think did use extra letters, like 2C201903X I saw for a Standard with international keyboard (extra keys, export?).

    (On a sidenote - I wonder how good the Three Letter Acronymed organisations are at OCR in images; the liberal use of the i9y and r8n words must be getting noticed!)

  2. HWNMNBM is a distinguished and serious typer indeed. All hail!

  3. A simple and unassuming leader, with staunch and unwavering leadership skills. All hail the Speedline! (: