24 Mar 2014

Torpedo with coffee cup keys

1963 Torpedo 18b 1278357

a *wink* to the instigator of this title.

For those unaware, the keys are ordinary Remington keys from the era. Remington purchased Torpedo around 1930 and introduced the Torpedo range of portables, although Remington links were not obvious until around the time this was made. My late Torpedo was made very soon after the style was switched. Later ones were built in Holland and aren't quite as good. This is more similar to the previous style of 18 than an SM5 is to an SM3, for comparison.

Sent from my late Torpedo 18b


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKkMkodo4MI

  2. Very stylish! I agree, I'll take this "easy on the eyes" scheme any day over beige wrinkle paint and such.

    Small correction: just after Remington got control of Torpedo, they made their presence known by labeling some of the machines "Deutsche Remington" and "Remtor."

    1. There were the Travel-Riters/Torpedo 20s as well, but I am thinking about machines actually called "Torpedo" whether you see any links with Remington or not. I'm sure there might be traces somewhere else too.

  3. Can't fault it as far as looks go. Superb!