25 Mar 2014

Forced hand

The only problem with the paper is that the perforations are awful, as you can see. I can usually get a clean tear, but there are the inevitable messy ones.

I've started handwriting so much more since I've begun using fountain pens. I think that their decline in popularity is a shame, because writing with them is genuinely enjoyable. But pen choice is not much of an issue at this time—the bigger choice is to handwrite at all.

Sent from my Союз авторучка with some purplish/purply/purple-like J Herbin ink.


  1. Not only is it a shame fountain pens are not a normal writing instrument, it is a worse shame schools do not want to teach students proper cursive writing. In a generation or two those students will be signing their name X like the illiterates of the 1800's.

    Great script handwriting. I too like to try different things with a fountain pen, but I do not write nearly as neat and legible as you write. You have a very neat and clean hand. Nice choice of ink color too.

    Thanks for the tip on the paper. I need to search it out at our sort-of local O.D.

    1. It's heading that direction. The next generation will hardly be able to read handwritten letters from their parents, unless if they are lucky enough to live in a place where cursive is required to be taught by law.

      I learned to write with the Palmer method (or some close derivative), while my younger sister learned D'Nealian in school, and I think she struggled because of it. Now, almost 10 years later, her handwriting is fine, but no thanks to how she learned.